ZipStitch — The do-it-yourself device for closing wounds quickly on the go

ZipStitch — The do-it-yourself device for closing wounds quickly on the go

In everyone’s day-to-day life, be it chopping vegetables or playing sports, minor cuts are quite common. 

Deeper wounds will often require a trip to the emergency room and ultimately stitches — a painful, invasive procedure.

Enter US tissue-repair device company ZipLine Medical has developed a tool called ZipStitch, which combines the convenience of plaster with many of the benefits provided by having a cut stitched by a doctor.

It is a small, adhesive device that is designed to be placed over cuts less than 4mm in width.

Once it is stuck down, the user simply pulls each of the four miniature straps on the device, tightening them and closing the break in the skin.

Because it is so small and light, it could be said it is ideal for everyday first-aid kits and can be useful for someone to have with them during a range of outdoor activities.

The company warns, however, that the wound must be cleaned properly and allowed to dry before application.

Not only does this reduce the risk of infection, but it ensures the device will stick to the skin and remain in place.

The device is supposedly 12-times stronger than regular stitches and results in reduced scarring.

Although it can only be used to close wounds up to 1.5 inches in length. ZipLine Medical recommends seeking stitches in the hospital to close larger cuts.

Unlike conventional sutures, ZipStitch is also non-invasive, which can reduce the chances of bacteria causing infection.

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